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Why Read when You Can Look?

This post is a kind of continuation of the last post.  It deals with manual writing, but it isn’t directed towards writing style.  Instead I’ll be addressing picture usage.

People don’t read anymore; they look.  Even if you were dealing with the same amount of text, your audience will be more drawn to the manual with pictures.  Don’t take this the wrong way–your content still has to be good.  Adding pictures makes it more effective.  Let’s say you’re writing a small section on how to assemble a puzzle.  You’ll probably say something about placing two pieces together and seeing if one edge can fit into another.  We can break that into three steps:

1.  Take two puzzle pieces.

2.  Place them side-by-side.

3.  See if the edges of each piece can fit into each other.

Those steps are still correct, but your audience will understand them much better if you have a simple picture for each step (depicting the action).


John R Larsen

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