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Making Content Effective, Part One

I think the first way to make content effective is using an honest tone.  I don’t mean you have to fight to have your own unique voice, but I do mean you need to use conversational speech.  In most of my blog posts, I’ve tried to keep a professional tone using regular speech.  Here’s what that will accomplish: the people reading your content won’t feel like they’re being taught by a robot.  No one wants to read a boring, generic textbook because each sentence is a paragraph long and you could count on one hand the number of common words each sentence uses.  People want to read things they can understand the first time through, and that’s what you offer them with a human voice.

Another big seller for engaging writing is using active voice instead of passive voice.  Take a look at this example:

1.  (Active)  I visited the store and bought some apples.

2.  (Passive)  The store was visited and apples were bought.

Passive voice really seems to generate the boring textbook feeling.  Active voice generates the feeling that someone’s talking to you.  Active voice sells because it makes the reader feel like he’s part of a conversation, and one at his or her level.

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