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Problems with Collaborative Authoring Projects

It should be pretty cut-and-dry to us what the benefits of collaborative authoring are (namely two things: 1) input from several different authors and 2) rapid production rates for content).  Every business that can afford them wants those benefits, but that’s just the point–costs shoot up when you move from single-source authoring to collaborative authoring.  On average costs jump from four figures to five.  That cost jump scares a lot of people, and even the well-to-do businesses are still stingy.  So far programmers and tech writers have tried handling the problem by producing free software (e.g. Mediawiki and Drupal).  You can find a quick list of programs and figures on Anne Gentle’s blog.

If you want to do some collaborative authoring, Mediawiki is probably your best bet.  It’s a name I’ve heard tossed around for a while now, and it seems to have Tom Johnson’s approval (maybe I should have asked first?  I know he’s using it right now  because he was assigned to do so for a given project, or conditions to that effect).  The big benefit is it’s free for you, but that doesn’t mean it’s cheap; it’s capable of doing it’s share of work.

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